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Why is Ping Pong popular in China | Know about your Sports

There is a famous joke in China, that says no one can say that they don’t know how to play Ping Pong game, and even there are chances that you have got a retired player from the Province team in your gang.

Even though it is a joke, it is true about the players in China. They are damn good, and excellent in lot many other sports. But Ping Pong remains a special one, and why not – almost 45 players who played Ping Pong at the Rio Olympics were all born in China.

What’s the reason behind the immense craze and support in China?

Why is Ping Pong popular in China | Know about your Sports

In the year 2016, China grabbed almost all the gold medals in the 4 championships played at the Summer Olympics. China greeted the game in the year 1950s which was the first experience for them, and then there was no looking back.

Later Chairman Mao declared the game as the National Sport during the 1950s itself, and people have since then loved it like nothing else.

Why is Ping Pong popular in China

Number one reason is the funding support providing by the government itself. It’s really excellent, and this has allowed many people to chase their dream and passion.

While one report submitted by the masatenisi blog mentioned that almost 10 million Chinese play the game on a daily basis. Though there are no other country numbers available as of now, it won’t ever match the count of China any time.

One of the main reason is the Fund Support provided by the government for the players.

The second main reason is the Intense Training that the players undergo during the preparation. You will notice that many of the top players of the Ping Pong are from China! A lot of hard work and practice has gone into the shaping and forming of the player, to that extent which you won’t ever dare to imagine.

Many of the techniques and playing way of the Chinese players are found to be different. Once the ITTF even tried to make a statement regarding the same, but the thing ended with the ITTF updating their rules. This only made the game more tough for the Chinese players. But it doesn’t matter since China has got the best players, best coaches, and the best techniques to win any game.

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The China players undergo the training for about 7 hours a day, and they practice in the most unique way compared to all other countries. Also, they are among the first to bring new gaming technique.

All these reasons make the game most liked and loved by the China people! There is nothing wrong in saying that China has a great number of skilled players, who are nowhere going to retire soon. All the learnings and techniques are simply been transferred from one generation to next.