Why do Good Players Quit or Leave | Athlete Issues that you may also face!

Are players quitting your football team lately? But you didn’t find any particular reason for it. So, what could be the possible reason which led to the player quit and leave the team? In this post, we will be checking on the same thing. What are the points that a coach or team owner consider to prevent losing quality players from the team? Let’s find them out.

Players Quit or Leave

Why do Good Players Quit or Leave?

All the sports players have a valid or sometimes the reasons could be silly too but something which may matter to them. If your son or daughter is asking for quitting a sport, know the reason. Mainly, understand their issue and take a sensible decision.

Now, if you have got a team and you find that players are quitting lately. There could be a number of reasons, and some of the possible ones have been listed below.

Bad coaches may be the reason

This is one of the obvious reasons. If the players find it difficult with liking their coach, then continuing the game may get tough for the players. Be a good coach, caring, strict, and above all friendly to all the teammates.

Under pressure on the PlayersHigh pressure on the players.

If the players are not getting time to enjoy the game, and more time is spent with the game pressure. Then, it’s obvious players will discontinue such team environment. Keep it cool, and let the players take their time to adjust initially.

Having personal issues, something which one won’t mind sharing.

We came across stories where the player had financial issues in the family and had to quit the game to help out paying the bills. There may be some other personal issues that players don’t want to share and just quit for the same reason.

Criticism should be dealt rightly.

You will come across this everywhere. Criticism. But it all depends on how you react to all the criticisms you face. Take them in a positive way, and if you find them constructive for your game then try working on them and improve your game.

Quit the game because of an injury.

It is important that you play the game with all the protection. With just one injury, you actually risk your whole gaming career. Also, it is important that you practice and perform exercises in the presence of a tutor. The right guidance is important, and it is crucial when you are dealing with your health and body.

Racism and Inappropriate CommentsRacism & People passing inappropriate comments.

This is something which has to be strictly avoided and handled by the authorities. We have got answers where the players mentioned about racism and hateful comments to be the reason for athletes quitting sports.

If you find someone passing such comments, then inform it to your master. Make sure no one quits playing for such a reason.

Just not having much fun, and feeling bored.

You may be very excited for a sport, but end up getting bored. This is natural, and it could have many reasons. Players have mostly reported that practice sessions are pretty boring. So, the coaches can try out different techniques and methods of making the sessions more interesting and fun.

Getting out of comfort zone.

Each one of us has a comfort zone, and most of us dare to get out of them. Well, this completely depends on an individual and their choices. But if you are not ready to get out of your comfort zone then you will find it difficult to concentrate and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Keep an attitude of trying out all new things, if you wish to enjoy the game in the best way. Did you find the information worth? Let us know your thoughts in the comment space below. Follow us for more updates and tips.

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